Maze Game

Today in Chris’s lesson, we learnt some of the basics of the ‘Flash’ software learning how to add key frames and how to edit the level to meet our requirements, making everyone’s levels their own. The obstacles that I hit were when I was initially changing my levels the walls didn’t have collision, also the hit box for the player was to big, to overcome this I had to properly categorise what the levels were instead of changing the background, the way I overcame the hit box for the player was by resizing the player to a point where the hit box was an appropriate size.

For my maze game I made a number of levels ranging in difficulty, for the walls I went with black and red as I thought these were obvious colours for danger, for the player I went with the colour blue as this contrasts with the red. The background was the same on every level and was a HD seamless picture that was put together in Photo shop and then imported in. If I were to do anything differently I would probably smoothen out the levels and try to give the walls a HD look as well, possibly changing the player as well to something that resembles a player better.



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