Adventure time, importance of volume.

In our lesson with Tony we started of being showed how to properly use gradients in Photoshop, we were taught this by making a block and using the gradients color (contrasting color) dragged from one side to make the block lighter on one side than the other. From Photoshop we were told to draw a bear using only circular and cylindrical shapes, this was used to try and show us how 2D images could be made into 3D, after a few tries of this we moved onto something else.

That something else was adventure time characters, we started this by looking at how the artists drew the characters from arms to the body, once we knew how the artists drew the characters we were set of to draw a character from the show, as you can tell from the image below i am no artist although drawing the character did allow everyone the basic knowledge to create our own characters and how to turn them into 3D characters.



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