My first flash character

In our lesson with Chris, we made our fist flash/animate character which was meant to look like ourselves. To make this i mainly used the brush tool, i started off with a thick brush making an outline of a head then doing ears and opening them up. I then did the hair, which i used the same brush for, when i had a shape that i was happy with i found a color that resembled my hair and filled it in, to finish of the hair i chose a slightly darker color brown and did some streaks to make it look a little better. For the facial features i started off with a rough drawing then evolving them into some better shapes. As the face looks white on this image i assure you its not (Color in top image), i went for a very pale color and used a slightly darker color for the bottom of the face and ears, this was to add a little shading. To finish of my character i added thin random streaks of brown to resemble a “beard”.

As my character could be a lot better with the shape of the face as well as the small details, i am happy with the character given this was one of the first times i tried to draw with a computer mouse. To improve on my work i would like to add shading and improve on the shaping.





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