Maya spaceship

Today in Matts lesson we used Maya to build a spaceship, for this we tried to only use one mesh, personally I started with a cylinder mesh and then stretched out the wings until I liked them, from that I just started adding onto the mesh with the extrude tool then resizing and moving the face, edges and vertex’s. The problem I had with this model was having a few bad polys, this was fixed my moving and resizing them, I also used the connect tool in occasions.

My opinions on the model are that I like the wings and body of the spaceship, although I don’t like the nose and tail of the ship as the ideas I had for these were all too farfetched for my knowledge of the program. The reason I don’t like the tail and nose of the ship was because of the shape of it, I don’t think it goes with the body. I think that my ship may look better if I took the head and tail of the ship off and replaced it with almost a triangular point as this would go with the design.

The first screenshot was front, second was back.


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