Flash games Assignment.

The first game i played was VEX which is a 2d plat former which allows you to play the game as usual and gives you a stage builder to create your own. The game plays very simple with a timer and a death counter to encourage you to replay and improve on your score, the controls of the same are very easy only using WSAD and others for options like R and Q. When playing the game i feel like the player moves as if its on ice, a feature that i do like about the game is being able to slide down walls and having fall damage.


The second game i played was Swords and Sandals which 2d game which lends features from the strategy and action genres. The game has you build a character give it skill points to give it more strength, agility and so on, once you’ve done this you fight in a arena and guy weapons and armor, the people that you fight in the arena also have skill points making every enemy different until you get into a tournament where you have the chance of dying, the way you finish the game is to beat all tournaments and kill all of enemys. I personally love the game play of this game as its a game that anyone can get the hang of, you can also have numerous play through for example one game play as a ranger and one game play as a brute.



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