Halloween scene in flash

In Chris’s lesson we were tasked to make a Halloween scene using a small variation of shapes, the shapes used took 2 seconds to make but allowed us to make a unique scene. The shapes are as followed.


Once I had the shapes I ended up just throwing a bunk of them together seeing what I could make, the first house came out resembling a Easter island head then the second a mushroom tower. Once I had these I tried to just change very simple shapes, the one overhanging is my favourite as its simple but had the detail of structure that need support, the last building was made with just a circle that I deformed and added one of the shapes above. Once I had all of the houses I added the trees and grass using the brush tool, and added the tombstones using the shapes above.I saved the background for last as I had to use Photoshop and then import the image and put it on a different layer allowing me to still change the scene, I used Photoshop for the background as there’s a wider range of tools that I can use . This was the final product;




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