Unity, unlocking door, building room.

Today in Ants lesson we used unity to build a room out of cubes changing their scale and position to what we desire. Once we did that we added random objects and made them intractable by adding a rigid body. Once we had the hang of that we were told to add in chairs, a table and a key as well as a door. We then added a script to the key which made it so when we moussed over the key the object would be destroyed and the door would open (rotate).


Once we had this done we were told to test it, and when it worked we were aloud to tweak the game all we want, then we all added in a “Help tool” where when we moussed over an object it would display its name on the screen. After this had been done I decided to make another room with colour and a ball, where the player would be teleported to when the mouse button was clicked. Player started in the white room, teleport to the colourful room and can get back when right mouse button is pressed.

Unity Scene SC.png



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