Spaceship Improvements.

spaceship-lesson-2-updateIn Matts lesson we were tasked to either make a new spaceship or refine the one off last lesson. After spending an hour starting a new spaceship and deciding that I didn’t like it, I went back to the first spaceship. I then deleted the top of it as I thought it looked a bit silly and after fiddling with it this is what I ended out at.


Part way through the lesson Matt had us all pair up with someone else and critique their else’s work. My feed back as that the they liked the look of the wings and “snooter” nose, but the replacement top could be improved on as well as fixing the missing faces. After thinking of the response I came up with this as a fix, as I don’t completely like this design I do think that it looks better than what it was. I fixed the missing faces by using the append to polygon tool, and to get the top of the model to what it is, I just extruded and then scaled the shapes in  while pulling them out by small amounts. I think a good way to improve on the top would be to add almost a cannon looking shape to give the thing purpose.




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