Uv Mapping – Maya

Uv mapping in Maya is selecting part of a mesh for example the top right wing, then planar mapping, then I would move the selected part in the Uv editor, and proceeded select the Uv option when holding in right click then unfolding and smoothing the mapping.

When Uv mapping I would choose the part I want mapping, then decide where to sew and make the whole chosen part two colours, changing where the sewing will occur, this is to try to organise it easier, then I would proceed with the Uv mapping.uv-mapping-color

I personally find UV mapping alright, but the only problem I’m having with it is selecting the right faces, and deciding the best place to sew. These are the two factors that are impacting my work the most within how fast I’m getting the work done as today I have only done the two wings, where I would have been able to do a lot more if I didn’t have to restart 3 times due to not selecting one face that I needed to UV map








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