Unity walking sim Update #1

Today in Ants lesson we were tasked to develop our walking sim, with this we could do anything we would imagine. Most people added a radio which played selected music when you clicked on it, providing you had the battery in your inventory. For the theme of my sim I decided to go for a gloomy feel almost like a horror game, I started with adding a texture to the walls and the floor and have found one I think I like, although I do need to do more modelling for this room like making a table, chair, key and so on. The ‘bookshelf’ is one that I modelled this lesson and I’m happy with it as it does look that what I want it too. I do need to UV map it to try and get a texture to be applied properly.

Unity Darkthemeroom.png

Things that are high priority for this ‘game’ are to add a lot more places like rooms and a outside which fits the game. I then need to do a lot of modelling to get all the furnisher of which some could go into a task that I have for Matt. In this time I will learn how to UV Map properly and to texture the right way. Leading from this I have to try and learn how to animate my doors opening which would be used for a lot of useful things like lockers.

The image below is the bookshelf that I made in Maya in about 5 minutes, the only thing that I could personally think on how to improve it too add details to the top on bottom to make it more rounded and less like a ramp.




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