Lighting term research.

Below is a list terms which we researched and put a explanation with.

Volume light is the lighting effect that allows beams of light through a environment, which can be used to add fog, god rays and other effects.

Light intensity is the strength of light that is being casted.

Light colour is the colour of the light that is emitted onto the model which can be used to correct the lighting on a object as a red light couldn’t be emitted from a blue object.

Light linking allows you to control which faces the light illuminates onto, which can be used on things like cars windows as there would be a different lighting effect.

Light cookies are a way to add visual detail into your scene, they are greyscale textures used to control the look of the lighting.

Directional light is the way that the lighting travels in a specific direction, and usually used to illuminate a specific object.

Ambient lighting is often used as the light that naturally occurs outdoors or coming through the window.

Point light has no one direction it points, as it emits light in more of a sphere.

Spot light is a strong beam of light that covers a small area with high intensity.

Three point lighting involves three lights, the key light for your subject, the fill light which fills in the shadows created by the key light and the back light which separates the subject from the background.

Depth map shadows are shadows with good results similar to ray traced shadows but take less time to render.

Ray traced shadows can produce soft and transparent shadows but can be very time consuming, and are used over depth maps for more realistic and physically accurate shadows to places such as objects with a soft edged shadow, and shadows from transparent faces.

Maya software renderer supports all types of entries and allows you to change particles after you are finished.

Mental ray renderer is generally used to create a more physically accurate looking shadow.

Arnold renderer is a unbiased, physically based ray tracing 3D renderer

Area lights emit light in one direction from a particular area and are often used at windows.




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