Maya lighting and rendering.

In Matts lesson today was the first time that we used the rendering and the lighting inside of the Maya software. First we loaded up the spaceship and applied the texture to it which I am not pleased with as the image below will show it being almost the same colour. We then added the lights into the scene, the three that I added were a area light for the background, directional light for the fill light and then a spotlight for the key lighting. For the spotlight I decided to add a yellow tint to it to give the spaceship some colour, then I added a orange one to the directional light to almost make a reverse shadow on the ship, I left the backlighting the default white colour as I thought it looked fairly well.


The challenges that came with this task was that my texturing off last lesson didn’t save making me redo quite hastily, which is one of the reasons I don’t like it, other problems were the positioning of the lights and the colours as since it was the first time doing this  I wasn’t sure how to place the lights and colour them properly to make them look good.

Overall I do enjoy lighting and rendering in Maya, although the experience was enjoyed less just by the fact that I had to retexture the ship again(Which was my fault) as the lighting and rendering seemed cool being able to make the scene become alive and look really good, but what hurt this was my ability to texture which I will practice.



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