Unity home project.

I have recently decided to  start making a game in unity in my own time, each time i work on the project i will be adding posts.

In the first night of deciding to make a unity game i  have found out how to make a game using different scenes for each level. The way i intend on using this information is by having multiple scenes for each level and the menus. The first instance of this being used is in the start menu as when you press the play button it’ll change two a new scene named level1aa0403627b207b65d639a4893ea54d20

As of today this is the start screen for the game, i started by adding a terrain and editing the height of some points to make it look nicer, i then added a texture to the terrain (using the standard assets) with i intend to change later in development. To finish of the terrain i added some trees and grass to make the scene less plain. I then added in two particle systems for the fire, one being the fire cloud used for the fire itself and the afterburner for the smaller fire clouds that you can see from the top of the fire. I did put custom setting for the particle systems to make it look better ranging from the size, lifetime and the colors. The last thing i did before adding in the buttons was the lighting and the wind, the two lights that i added in was a spot light that shun into the fire which gives the lighting around the fire to make it look like it was emitting light. The second light was a directional light which i had facing northeast, this light had a fairly low intensity and was only added to give the surrounding trees a faint shadow. When i added the wind i expected it to effect the particle systems that i added for the fire, but to my surprise it didn’t meaning i had to go back into the settings and change a few things, the real reason i added the wind was to make the trees leaves slowly way from side to side which i thought was a nice touch to the screen.

The buttons were the most straight forward things to add in my opinion as it was just a short simple script  which i added to a empty game body which let me use one script for both the play and exit button as i could attach the empty game body to both buttons but have them use different parts of the code. The play button does work, but the exit button should only work if/when i export the game. The buttons do also change colors when hovered over.f9a273b7dc1e67767b097527634cdd34.png

In the near future i would like to add the first level of the game as well as decide on a name. Once these are done i’ll probably add a escape menu and change the buttons on the front screen to make them look a little better.

EDIT: I forgot to about the blur effect that i added onto the camera for two reasons, the first begin the standard asset grass doesn’t look the best and the second being i personally think it looks better with the type of game i’m going for. Another thing i forgot to talk about was the fog which was added to set the tone of the game and because the haven’t yet found out how to change the render distance for cameras in unity.



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