Room Modeling project

After modeling my room in Maya there are a lot of things that i’v learnt how to do, and a few opinions of mine that have changed.

Things that i’v learnt:

I have learnt how to use an assortment of tool in Maya including, append to polygon which is used to add faces onto a mesh which is useful to fill in places where faces have been deleted or is meant to be, i have also learnt how to used the connect and insert edge loop effectively  and when to use the tools. One tool that i have only used while doing this project is the smooth tool which basically adds more faces onto the mesh to make model “smoother” but can add bent faces which may cause problems. A slower way to get around this the bevel tool which can also be used to smoothen out edges on a mesh, as this is the manual way the turnout can be better but will take more time as a result. Another important tool that i learnt to used was the Boolean tools which i used to cut some objects into another and to “merge”two objects without having faces inside of each other.

The modeling:

In my opinion i think that quite a few of my models look decent like one of the desks as well as the monitors, but i’m also not satisfied with some of the models like the beds and the keyboards as the keyboards are just blocks with textured due to a few reasons and although one the beds don’t look too bad i personally don’t like it. There are a few more models that i would like to make most of them being small items like game cases and wires onto the models but one big thing that i would have liked to add was my desk chair but due to my skill with the program since i couldn’t figure out how to model it right, due to this i had to put a makeshift chair in at the last moment. One thing that i’m fairly annoyed about with my room is the scaling and layout as some models aren’t the right size which messed with the whole look of the room as models had to be moved about. In general i do like the models that i have made even though i know some could be better.

One thing that i changed throughout the project was the way that i was modeling as at the start i thought that the best way to model was to only use one cube that had been tweaked but then later on found out how model a single mesh that stemmed from multiple objects, a example of this would be the bed which are 4 different models that had been merged together. As a result from doing both of these techniques i personally think the best technique to used would be dependent on what your making, though later on i could find out that merging objects into one mesh causes major problems.

The way that i made most of my models was by starting with a cube as said and just scaling it and then using different tools to make it into something that resembled that i needed, at which point i would use tools like smooth and bevel to refine the model and if needed i would add more things onto the model.

UV wrapping:

There really isn’t much to talk about with UV wrapping apart from that throughout the project i have found out a few ways to UV wrap the first being the way Matt showed us by selecting faces planar mapping and so on which is easily the best way.The way that i found was useful but i wouldn’t recommend is by UV wrapping everything normally and then for a TV having the screen the size of the whole UV grid, you would then go on and texture the TV as usual but instead of putting the scream in you would select the face on the mesh and apply a picture of the screen to it. I did do this for the monitors and TVs in the project as i just thought it was easier to texture this way.


As of making this blog and finishing the room project texturing is still the bane of this course as textures either make or break a model as a basic model with a good texture will make the object look fairly good, but if you have a great model with a bad texture it just makes the whole think look a bit crap. This fact doesn’t really help when i cant texture which is why i personally think that 90% of my textures look really bad. To try and help with the texturing i did try and use different software which were Photoshop and substance painter, and my opinions are that substance painter is better in a whole as my best texture came from there being one of the desks, although i did do most of my textures in Photoshop as i thought that they took less time.


What i have learnt as i whole from this project is how to use Maya a lot better to model even though i do need to learn how to model more complex things like the desk chair. One thing that i didn’t expect from doing this project is that i quite enjoy unwrapping the UVs on a model since as a result of unwrapping UVs i have thought about my models more and how i should be modeling them. As said i do still hate texturing but this may be cause i’m not a very artsy person meaning i wouldn’t know where to start texturing if it wasn’t for us being able to use images from “” and other websites.

Overall i am glad that we did this project as it give us a taste on how we should be managing our time properly and how industry and university work should be tackled and how they would set projects as even if your 5 minutes late you can be penalized heavily. My overall opinion about my room model is a bit iffy as i do most of it but i don’t like the layout of the room and some of the models as well as textures. To improve i would probably redo a few of the models and just practice texturing to become better at it.

Models and Renders:











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