Ae 1 & 2 Point Tracking

In Pete’s lesson we were given some footage that was purposely shot badly, once we had imported it and configured the settings we were shown how to fix the footage to an extend. We did this by going into the effects tab and selecting the “Warp stabilizer VFX” and the “Optic Compression” these are used to reduce the shakiness of the camera and to flatten the camera to add signs for example onto a building. When using 1 point tracking there will be two squares one being larger than another, the larger of the square is where the tracking can happen and the smaller one is what will be tracked. Once we had used 1 point tracking on the footage we added a node which the tracking was setup to, we also added a fish to this node and by doing this the fish would move with the tracking making it look fairly good when the footage is played as the the fish will move with scene.

We then moved onto 2 point tracking, we did this on a new piece of footage which was all ready to go. When doing the 2 point tracking it is essentially the same as 1 point tracking but you need to select the rotation and scale options with would add a second set of squares which we would move to a different point, this would make everything in both of the squares track everything meaning if the camera tilted a little the movement would be added meaning when we were to add the fish this time it would look better as it would move with the building as when the building tilted the fish would too.


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