First Animation

In Matts lesson we had a choice to animate either a lamp or a squirrel, I started off wanting to do the lamp and then decided on the squirrel. The first thing that I did when animating the squirrel was trying to think what to do, when I couldn’t think of anything I just decided on trying to make it look quite random with it shaking its head and then bobbing to finish of with it spitting out a ball. To start of with the animation we had to create a character set for the model we wanted to animate, once this had been set we used key frames to set the animation we wanted along the timeline after this was done we went through the whole animation and checked if there was any clipping errors or anything that needed to be changed. Half way through the lesson we were shown the graph editor for animation in Maya which allowed us to move tangents to make us try and smoothen the animations, the graph editor could also be used make animations slower or faster depending on what you want.

Below is my first animation with a rigged character, personally i’m not happy with the outcome as its not actually doing anything it just shaking its head opening its mouth and other things of that sort.


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