Using Idents and deformers

In Matts lesson we were tasked to create a model of a simple character, we started off by researching characters that we could model, I quite liked the look of angry birds and wanted to do something that simple but also add a top hat because top hat. Once we had our character we were shown how to hierarchy it for animation using that same system as unity which involves parents and child’s. This is what both my model and the hierarchy turned out as, the hat is separate as I want it to move differently from the character although I could have it as a parent of the character.

SS Ident.png

When we had sorted everything we added deforms which do many things ranging from bend twist squash, etc. which can be used in animation to squash the whole character if its a child of it. You can also adjust how much the model deforms by changing the settings, the reason we use deforms is because the model changes in ways that you couldn’t do manually.


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