2d Game Concept

To help learn coding and maths we have been tasked to create a simple 2d game to further develop our skills in preparation for our test. Which will have us use the skills we have and will learn in the next few month to make a game where you get from point A to B with their requirements in the middle for example it could be having a wall jump.

The game that I have decided to make to improve my skills is a platformer where you have three lives and on every death the level is reset. The platformer will have keys that need to be collected to open doors within the game to progress. There will also be pickup items within the game which will give score, score in the game wont just be to see how “good” you have done it’ll also be used to buy things from the shop within levels. Inside these shops will include useful things like extra lives and upgrades.

The in game enemy’s are currently a mixture of two, the first being a character that just moves through out the stage in one direction not changing, the second is a enemy that’s both ranged and melee as it throws objects but also does damage when touched by the player.

The players design has currently not been decided on but I’m thinking towards having a reptile that will either use its tail to damage enemy’s or will use a short range dagger to kill them, additionally jumping onto a enemy head will kill them. The weapon mechanics that i’m thinking towards from previously listed is the Mario style jump attack.


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