Animation, Blocking+Passing. Ident Update


In Matts lesson we looked into what animation blocking and animation passes were. Animation blocking is putting in key frames of an animation that would be the extremes for example the high point and low point of a jump, then animation passing is when you go back through blocking and start to refine it by adding more detailed key frames of movement, usually you would do the passing at one particular place at a time to help manage stay organised and not worry about it all as you know that your perfecting one thing before moving on.

For my Ident update i have currently planned out all of the animations that ill be using and have created the crate that the ident will be based around, i have then just added a block brown texture to the crate just to show the model properly, this texture will be changed but is currently not the highest priority. In the next few days i hope to have finished creating a “friendly”character to use and to have made a background that i’m happy with which is probably be a textured wall with a few very simple models to give it some depth. For things that i have to improve one would probably be my time management inside of Maya and starting to set up the basic shapes for everything before i try to improve, for example if i were to model a chair i would want to have the basic shape of the chair before refining it instead of starting with one part refining it and then deciding i don’t like the overall shape of it.



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