Planning a Ident.

When we started planning our idents for Matt, we researched all idents we could putting a few into a power point presentation, we then started planning our own with inspiration from what we had seen. The things that we had to do were a Synopsis which is what my ident will include and how it’ll happen, a treatment which is basically how the ident will look when playing including how it’ll start on and finish with the sounds listed as well  and finally the asset list which is everything that i’ll need to make for the ident. Lastly we made our storyboards which again just showed how our idents would play out and how we would like it too look.

The reason we made a Synopsis, treatment etc, is so we don’t waste time modeling things we don’t need and keep scrapping ideas that we get part ways through which has happened a few times in the past. From my planning there are a few things that i have changed all which don’t change the core concept of my ident. The first things is i have substituted a cliff for a crate as i want to make my ident almost a toy theme with a “Friendly” character and cartoon looking bouncing ball which i feel will give the ident a better look.

Overall with the improvements that i have made i’m quite happy as i think it has potential to look good with a good background and a nice bouncing ball animation, i also think its appealing for all ages but targets parents and children.




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