Ident animation update.

Today in Matts lesson we continued with our idents and i started the animation which honestly takes more time than you think, i must have had the animation on loop for a long time just tweaking it and trying to make it look decent. The biggest problem that i had with the animation of the first ball was the reference as no one had dropped a ball on about the same angel meaning i had to make it up which took ages just trying to get the right position and then going to try and get the timing right. In the next lesson and my own time ill be doing the same with the other three balls as well as applying squash and stretching and then finishing off with the camera position and the lighting. If after all of this i’ll be applying an actual texture to the crate and the balls that are more than just letters on the balls and block colors for everything.

Below is the progress so far, the box on the bottom is temporary and was just there to find the ground for the balls bounce. I have also started on the second ball but due to the character set the ball moves back after falling.


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