Last Ident Lesson

Today was our last lesson to finish off Matt’s project for idents. My current place for this project is that all of the animation meaning i just have to add in lights, a camera and a white background. Once this is done i’ll probably need to slow my animation to make it five seconds or longer as its currently sitting too fast. In my opinion slowing my animation will also improve the look of it as well reaching the time goal said previously.

To get the bouncing balls right in my ident i had to change the scaling of the balls for the actual bounce and the rotation of the balls so it doesn’t look like its just floating while its in the arc.

The principles that are demonstrated within this indent are following threw with the rolling of the balls after the bounces, they also show squash and stretch when the balls bounce, there is also lead up to the balls falling as they slowly start rolling then fall instead of just dropping.

Overall i don’t like this ident i think it could be a lot more creative, but for this ident i think the bouncing balls look pretty good, but the rolling of the balls could be improved on as they don’t really roll how they should. The letters will rotate in a way where some look to be doing the “moon walk”.

This is what the animation is currently at;



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