Analysis of Pixar- Mike’s New Car

From the start you can see the principles of animation being used, the first principle that is being used is Squash and Stretch when the two character and walking too the car, there is also a lot of secondary actions that are happening within the animation being the swaying of the arms when walking. This animation also has a lot of appeal like most Pixar animations do as everything is quite bright and the characters are used to attract a younger audience while being enjoyed by the older ones.

When the characters are inside of the car there is a lot of exaggeration starting off when “Mike” is trying to pull out his seatbelt as he physically jumped up and started trying to force it out, which leads us to anticipation as just before he jumped up he prepared by placing his hands and leaping. Anticipation is also used when the car starts to sway as “Mike” jumps as its the lead up to the door opening and makes the scene more lively.

After this action, there is a ton of exaggeration from both “Mike” and “Sully” as sully over exaggerates when he thinks he found the right button and mike over exaggerates a ton when trapppig his fingers as he squashes and stretches a ton as well as jumping up.


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