New Vfx Teacher

Today we had our first lesson with Gary, to start with he had us look at a few games and vfx studios and look at what jobs they have and what it required etc.. This was to make sure that we knew the industry’s that we were going into.

The questions were;

  1. When they were founded?
  2. Who owns them?
  3. What movies and/or games did they produce?
  4. What roles are available in the company?
  5. Where would you fit into these companies?
  6. What experience are they look for?
  7. What can you offer them?
  8. Who produced and made your favourite games?
  9. how do they market themselves?

The company I looked at was Bethesda/Zenimax

  1. The company was founded in 1986 and published their first game Gridiron.
  2. Bethesda is owned by Zenimax studios, and partnering companies are id softwares, arkane studios, machine games ect.
  3. Bethesda has produced a lot of big games like The elder scrolls games, The fallout games and the doom games which are just a few.
  4. There are a lot of jobs available within including programming, design and art which all have sub sections including graphics programmer, quest designer and senior UI.UX artist.
  5. I would fit into this being either a programmer or a quest designer I’m intrested in programming and know a lot about Bethesda games to come up with ideas to design quests being both side and mainline.
  6. The requirements for the quest designer are to have excellent storytelling, dialogue writing and editing skills. Experience with one or more scripting languages as well as experience with The Elder Scrolls Construction Set or GECK a plus and games design experience with shipped titles and experience playing previous Bethesda games.
  7. When I graduate I could offer a wide range of quest ideas as well as having a wide range of skill sets important to a games related course.
  8. Bethesda produced my favourite game being Skyrim, and my favourite series of games are The Elder Scrolls.
  9. Bethesda market them selves as a American video game publisher.



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