Ecorche Head Drawings.

To start this lesson we had a picture of a face and were told to add the muscles of the face from the forehead muscles to the different mouth muscles. We were tasked of doing this to help us understand how the faces muscles are used to make expression and how to draw faces at different poses like looking to the side and looking up.

The tutorials that i have found are below, i chose these ones as i feel like they show clearly how you would draw a face at that angle and then it would be up to you to add in the details like nose eyes ect. I also like these tutorials as it shows where you’d put thicker lines to add definition to the face and make it look more realistic and 3d. The only thing that i dont like about this tutorial of drawing a head would be that its not a step by step meaning you cant just follow it you have to estimate and guess when and where they started. a76a0357affe927da61b1f7a537e5ad8


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