Dystopian Vehicle Design Project.

For this project Tony had tasked us to design a dystopian vehicle, for this project we used Maya to model. The first thing that i did when i got this project was the research into different dystopian cars, i personally looked at Overwatch as i liked the concept of flying cars. After i had done the research i drew a couple ideas all look pretty bad but i managed to develop a further model.17015411_1596662003681334_655779693_o

My car designs are all quite curvy and from the drawings they are not proportional, as the cargo tank has a home size door yet the “car” has a normal sized door, the same goes with the limo as that would be a lot longer then the rest of the concepts.

The model that i decided on was the limo as i thought it was better than the other concepts, this is what the model came out as. As i am happy with this model i do think that it could be improved with more curves.untitled

The one thing that i’m not happy with about this project is my textures. I had a good idea on what i wanted for this model but i just can’t texture. For this model and texture the top bit is meant to be a advertisement board and the side parts are meant to be almost the engines with a lava looking engine and i decided on putting the same texture on the front to almost act as a headlight.3jruogewfhwed-hkfbhwepkf


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