After effects, Sky replacement

Today in Gary’s lesson we were shown how to use after effects to replace the sky on any picture/ footage we want, for this process you want the sky to look as natural as possible, or as alien if needed.

To start off replacing the sky you need a picture of the background you want to change and a picture of the sky you want in the picture, you drag them both into the comp and duplicate your scene(not sky).  Once you have done this move the sky in-between the two scenes and add a linear wipe to the sky layer. Once the linear wipe had been added un check the eye icon for the top picture and change the transition in the wipe to 30%. You also want to uncheck the transition completions stopwatch icon while moving the sky to where you want it. Now you want to change the feather in the linear wipe to something that looks natural and add a linear color key to the top footage while making it visible again. In the color key you want to select the color of the sky and change the matching tolerance and softness as needed.

This is the first image that I made:SKYREPLACE.png


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