Head work, Art

For Tony’s lesson we were tasked to look up five artist and do a number of question on them, the following artists were: Alex Pardee, Dave Mckean, Elif Varol Ergen and Elisa Sassi.


  1. What is the function of the work?
  2. What do you like/dislike?
  3. Why did the artist choose to do?(Choose something you have discussed)
  4. Based on what you know how was it made?

Alex Pardee:

  1. The function of this work is purely artistic
  2. The things that i like about this art piece is its made out of a very simple concept and uses sweets to create a monster using candy corn as teeth and a broken icecream cone with icecream running through to create a hand  making it seem more human like, i also like how they have used donuts as eye sockets and a cherry fir a nose, I also like how a “human” character is crawling out of the monster almost as if hes been eaten/
  3. I think that the artist chose to draw the “human” character drawling out the monster to almost show us how we must look to the things we consume and how we must look like beasts.
  4. Bases on what i know i would believe that this was made on the computer in Photoshop with a drawing tablet.icecreamcolorcorrected

Dave Mckean:

  1. The function of this art piece was also just for artistic style.
  2. The things that i like about this art piece are how the hair has used black for the roots and green for the rest as this almost shows how your hair gets darker when more dense however this also shows how when you dye your hair it still grow the natural color. I don’t like how the face looks in the painting, although i understand thats the style i think it could have been done cleaner as there is a lot of blobs of random paint and i also don’t like how the background isn’t white  it just makes the color look a bit messy.
  3. I think the artist has done the face in this style to really show off the jokers madness, you can really see this within the eyes and cheeks how he doesn’t really have eye lids, for me this just makes him scream crazy, one more thing that i think shows how mad the character is would be the mouth, the smile is one you can tell is fake as if hes trying to hide something.
  4. From my knowledge i would say that this was created using multiple layers of paint.commissionjoker2011

Elif Varol Ergen:

  1. This piece of art was made just for creative purposes.
  2. Things that i like for this piece of art is how the creature has no body but only uses hair, i also like the white thing to the left as i think it fits well within this picture, things that i don’t like about his picture would be how the arms are chopped up, i also don’t like how the characters face is entirely made up of eyes with the only thing different beign a mouth.
  3. One thing that i found interesting about this piece of art would be the while smoke in the back as because of how the character is made makes me think that the “smoke” could be ghosts of similar characters, one thing that also leads me to this theory would be how the creature is holding guns that look like they have been used by the whiter smoke blowing out of them.
  4. I personally think that this image was made digitally using a drawing tablet and a program like illustrator.eve_30

Elisa Sassi

  1. This image was created as part of a google chrome theme that could be downloaded.
  2. Things that i like about the image are how everything is simple and everything goes together, i also like how the cloud is dropping rain which is causing the rainbow, almost as if everything has a purpose, one thing that i don’t like about the picture is the picture would have to be the girls face, i don’t like how the nose looks like a teddy bear and then has two dots to make nostrils, i also don’t like how the eyes are and how they just don’t go with the rest of the face.
  3. I think that the artist has done the cloud and the rainbow since it looks quite good and they felt like they shouldn’t have something there without a explanation therefore the cloud is looking quite dopey which makes it rain when ends up in a rainbow.
  4. From my knowledge this picture was definitely made on a computer using a drawing tablet in a program that specialized with cutesy styles of art like illustrator.700x517




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