Matt’s ident final

This is my finished ident.

There are things that i feel went well and things that i feel didn’t go so well. Things that i thought went well are the ball animations i feel like that most of the balls are bouncing fairly well, although some of the rotations were a bit weird, i also like the crate model although you cant see it in the video it looked fairly well with dips in where the wood parted. Principles that i have shown within this animation are, anticipation when the balls are about to fall they slowly roll off the crate, i have also shown squash and stretch within the balls, as well as slow in and out when the balls are rolling to a end.

Things that i don’t like about this animation are how un-creative it is and all of the textures as i feel like everything just looks a bit plain. I also don’t like how the balls rotate as stated before. If i would do this project again i think i would go for a different approach and give everything some context instead of just balls bouncing and rolling. I would also like to make a animation that would be a little longer as this ident was just bairly long enough.


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