Solo game, Exam prep.

This is the second week we have been making a solo game, but in the first week i don’t feel like i did a substantial amount of work as i mainly did the basics, in  this week i did a bit more code including a way to lose by time. I also have the movement of the character sorted.

For the art style of my game i’m thinking of a warehouse escape type game where the player starts at one end of the warehouse and has to hide from armed guards that shoot on detection. The way you win the game is by escaping within the time limit and not being shot. I’m planning of having a few different levels  which will scale in difficultly. Assets that ill need to make for this game are, the character and the guards as well as the a couple cargo boxes.

The coding that ill need to do is the detection of the character as well as the guards shooting and the way point system that will be needed on a couple of the guards, i will also be coding a key and a door that will be needed to complete the levels.

Below is the code for the the time limit loss as well as proof if it working.





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