After effects, Face vein effect.(Also Skull)

In Gary’s lesson we were shown how to add veins onto a face and then we were tasked to do it ourselves, the only problem being you need to get the color right and do small tweaks to make it look good.

To start off this process we had our footage and took it into Mocha to track our desired area, after we had tracked our footage the way we wanted we took it back into After Effects and created a black solid and then pasted the data from Mocha onto it. Once we had done this we added a grid effect onto it this would let us see how our track had came out.GRID WORDPRESS.png

We then started dragging the veins that we wanted into the comp, personally i added 4 although we could add as many or few as we wanted, Once i had all the veins i wanted we pre-composed it and then went into the new comp and added a white solid to the back(bottom) of the comp while still remembering to set all the vein modes to multiply.

After this we went back into the first comp and added a black solid which we applied the fractal noise effect to and started playing about with the settings until we found something we liked, We then masked out an area of this layer of where the veins would pop through. After we had what we wanted you just select LumaMatte on the “TrkMat” setting for the fractal noise layer and then pre-composed the fractal noise and veins, and added a black solid at the back(bottom) of that composite.


We then went back into our main composite and added a color dodge to the new pre-composite as to make it look better i added curves(Color correction) played around with that, at this point i was still not happy so i added a new adjustment layer and added a curves to that, when i played round with these settings i got a result i was more happy with.

This was my final outcome, the reason i liked this outcome was because i don’t think that the veins look too bad and the face still looks a natural color although it could be improved on. I also like how in the veins the fractal noise isn’t moving too much giving it more of a believable look as a “xray”effect wouldn’t be jumping about all the time where this is more of a smooth less noticeable movement.


After we had finished this in class we had an extra 30 minutes where we could finish up or do blogs, in this time i had seen a xray effect with a skull so i decided to try and replicate that, using the same procedure but instead of adding veins i used a image of a skull, the problem that i had with this is that when using the LumaMatte settings it would give a white washed look as its trying to bring out the whites, After playing around with the setting i found out that this wasn’t going to work for footage but it would work quite well for a still image if i masked out the skull and fractal pre-comp. This is the result i got when trying this. Although this doesn’t look the best i do think that it looks fairly well for a first attempt as the skull works well with this face and it does look like a partial xray effect meaning i am quite happy with it as it looks fairly cool.




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