Vfx Plan

In Gary’s lesson we were told to make a plan for the end vfx project that we want, for this plan we will be making a synopsis a plan for the project and creating the storyboard. When getting the footage for our project we have been told to use the correct shots and terminology and to use reference photos.


The plan for this project is having someone walk onto the screen and have their hands snap down, once the hands have snapped down the arms will ignite with fire and then the person will move their arm in a throwing motion to throw a ball of fire at a car which will blow up. When i am in after effects i will also be masking the character out and be replacing the area with a desolate desert i will also need to find a car that looks in place.

This is the storyboard i planned out, although the plan is very simple, it clearly shows what i want with the guy snapping his arms and then throwing fire at the car.




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