Low poly project, Finally.

In this lesson with Matt we continued our tile projects and finished everything off. Overall i think that my group did quite a good job as the tile looks good and every asset meets the requirements of being under 1000 tris, i also think that most of our models looks quite good with one or two being able to be improved on. The only thing that i don’t think looks too good is the trading cart and this is because it was the last thing that was made and therefore we didn’t have time to make a texture.

The model that i think looks the best that i have made would be the bridge as it i think it looks good with the environment and i also think that the texture goes well with it even though it is a very simple texture. The worst thing that i think i made was definitely the trading cart, although i think that the model looks pretty good for only being 250ish tris the texture is what kills it as said before. For the renders of our whole scene i think that they don’t do our tile justice as even though the renders don’t look the worst the whole tile looks very good just in the preview without being rendered, this is because i feel like we selected a wrong setting in the rendering software we used.

Low Poly tile-Presentation, WP


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