Clay head modeling

In Tony’s lesson we attempted to model clay heads for the first time, for this we took our research for drawing heads and took elements of each to make our own stylized piece, I personally took the piece of clay and started by modeling the shape of the head and the idea that I had in mind was a sinister demon looking character therefore meaning that I tried to make a angular head as that’s what I would associate with evil. I then thought about what ears I wanted and i thought almost goat ears would look quite good with this character as well as a long pointy nose like Waluigi. From then I tried a few different types of mouths and non of them really worked with the character leading me to attempt to model a mouth and give it almost a stitching type look, Then I moved onto the eyes which involved me just poking holes in and modeling balls with a slit in to represent the pupil and to make it look more in place i added long thin eye brows. The last two things that I added to the model were the horns and the twirly mustache, and the reason that i added this was to make the design more stylised and cartoon looking as i thought the model was just a bit plain without them. Overall i am happy with this model as it was the first time I had done anything like this before, although if i was to do anything differently i would make the face perfectly symmetrical with the ears being the only thing different as i think the different angles give the model more character, apart from that if I was to redo this model i would try and clean it up as there are alot of places where the models not smooth and has cracks.

Below is the photos of the model;



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