Magic effect-AE

In Gary’s lesson we were given footage of Yoda doing force push and were tasked with editing it to give it a magic effect, for this we could choose from a wide range of effect he had given us or find some online which we would have to edit and change to make fit the scene, I personally liked one that ended with it fading away with smoke so I dragged it in and started to play around with it giving it different effects like tint and glow etc. Until I got something i liked at which point I moved it into position key framed and made it track his hand and then changed the timings and opacity to make it look like he casted the spell, once all this was done I decided to make it look like the spell was coming at the camera by adding a bulge effect onto an adjustment layer and then changing the position of the z axis for the spell. Other things that we were told to do was add a solid layer for a split second when the spell was casted, but I opted to keep this out as it made my footage look quite bad, we also key framed the bulge so make it follow the spell and to make it only appear once the spell was casted.

I am personally happy with the outcome of this project although I do think that things could be changed like the spells glow as I think that the intensity and radius is too high, other things that I would change would just be to play around with some more effects like Gaussian blur and some of the stylizing effects like CC Glass or CC Plastic.

Below is the end result of the project;




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