Rick Sanchez- Name Animation AE

For this project with Pete we were tasked to create a name animation for a character or actor of our choice. For this I chose Rick Sanchez, i chose this character as I felt like I could do something cool with his name. I ended up doing a similar thing to my splitting cells animation as I could change the colors and change a few effects to make It look related to the show, then when playing it I thought it needed something so I got a picture of the character and applied a scatter effect to make the picture scatter into existence, but i wasn’t happy with this so I key framed the opacity to make it look a little better.

Overall I don’t like this animation as i feel like I could have done something a lot better if I didn’t forget about it for the first week, but for the animation being what it is I like everything but the text as i don’t think that font works too well and from all the effects i applied to the text only one would work, making me put a wiggle expression onto it.

If I would to do this again i would probably keep the some character but do something more related to the show like make the name bounce out from a portal from the show, or to have the character burn like in the show and have his name be spat out.

Below is the animation;



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