Sculptis. Modeling

In Tony’s lesson we were expanding on our clay head models and were shown the program Sculptris, our first experiences with this program were us being told what 2 of the tools did and for us to just play around and try and make a head. We started with just making the shape of a head and then adding things like the neck to it, once we had the general shape of the head and neck we were shown a few techniques on how to make eyes and a mouth, I personally wanted to start with the nose so i sculpted a nose onto the front of the face, from the nose i added indents for where the eyes would go and then tried to add a nice shape for the eye brows. After I had a good shape for all of these I tried to make the eyes which didn’t go as planned since I used the “draw” tool too close to the nose changing that shape of that and generally not giving a good shape for eyes, after about the third try I got something that i was happy with and started to try and refine the head shape and eyes until I got to something that didn’t look too bad for a first attempt. By the time that I had done this the lesson was just about to end so I tried to to model a mouth, needless to say this went terribly and made the whole model look quite odd.

Things that i like about Sulpris is that its very simple to understand and instead of extruding in Maya in this program when using the tools it would just create new tris and it showed a preview of the model with shading and lighting meaning you could get a feel for the model before importing it into a program and rendering it, I also like you have the option to make the model perfectly symmetrical allowing you to make something and then turn off this feature to improve on it, which would be useful with like a brute character. One thing about Sculptris that could be a problem is that when its making new tris the end model with be really high poly meaning it probably wont run too well in most game engines and that it isn’t the best to animate with but this could all be solved with a program that redoes the topology of that model. I personally think that the best thing that Scupltris would be used for is to improve on a model that was made in Maya and then bake it onto the base model making a low poly model that still has all of the features of the high poly all thanks to normal mapping etc.


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