Mud box Experience.

To start the lesson we were told to go inside of Mudbox and play around with the settings and tools, after about 10 minutes of getting used to the controls Tony showed us how to add shoulder pads to a model to make it look like its wearing armor, the procedure was to freeze the model and them invert it so you could only move the certain part wanted, you then pulled out the model making a lump on which you would use the knife tool to make a indent where the armor is coming off the skin. Once you have done that you would flatten the whole thing and subdivide the mesh and repeat until you had something good. Once we had done this we imported the base model into Maya and used Mayas re-topology tools to build a mesh on top of the mesh, once we had this we extruded and used the crease tool function to import it back into Mudbox this stopped the mesh rounding off when subdivided.



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