On the 14th we all had the opportunity of going to Insomnia 60 where we we would test new games attend a couple talks and look at other things there for us to do.

While at Insomnia i took a couple pictures although there wasn’t many it think it shows a lot that could be done, like the booths that were there which you could test out new games, you could buy a ton of gaming related items like Nuka cola, and there was quite a few people cosplaying. Me and a couple friends thought it was be a laugh to dress up as spider-man and walk around, this ended up with a couple people wanting pictures and us being recorded for something which we were surprised at.

Although Insomnia was really good i think that it wasn’t as good as EGX which we attended as there didn’t seem to be as much to do as there hasn’t been as many games announced recently. But we did find Coatsink and our VFX teacher used to work for them so that was cool. One thing that i realised when walking around Insomnia is that there was more people that you could go see mostly being youtubers like the Yogscast, Syndicate and more. I also realised that there was a huge amount of space on the game Minecraft and a lot of the space was a server that you could play on and a place where you could use a green-screen and take a picture inside the game.

Overall i think that Insomnia was quite good but could have offered more things to do with games development like talking to people who made the games and to have more talks as the ones available were only small ones and didn’t last too long.


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