Games through time.

For this little project we were tasked with choosing three games all of different generations and see how available hardware impacted the design, intended audiences for the game and then we have to critique the game.


For my first game i decided to do Wii’ sports as there would be a lot to talk about, the first thing that i will be addressing is how the hardware impacted the games design. For this game the hardware didn’t impact the game in a normal sense as this game was made for the console intended to show how to use the remotes meaning the only real impact would be how good the graphics could be. The intended audiences for this game would be family and people of all ages as the games are very simple meaning everyone would be able to play and the art style of the game is very minimalist meaning both children and people of old ages wont have a problem with it. I personally quite enjoy this game as everything is quite smooth and simple from the mechanics of the game just flailing a controller around to the visuals that look very clean, although this isn’t a game that i could play by my self but with a couple of friends it would fun as you get to compete with each other while not taking the game too seriously.


The next game that i decided to do Skyrim because its a game that i’m very familiar with it, the intended audience for this game is a mature audience as the game does involve violence and intends to look like a more realistic game instead to a cartoon looking game, hardware impacted the design of the game immensely as the developers wanted to make the graphics as good as they could without losing out in any of the game-play, this is seen in the PC version of the game when you can change the graphics to ultra to get a better looking version of the game but this may not run at the needed frames on some devices, another way you can see that the game was limited by the hardware would be how they brought out a remastered version of the game for the “Next Gen” consoles that were identical in every way but the graphics, even the bugs were present. My critique of this game would be that its an amazing game that looks good and the amount of things that you can do in the game is insane as every time that i go back to the game i find something new that i had never seen, and even to this game there are things that are still being found like Easter Eggs, as the mechanics of the game are very simple at times it is still a very good game and performs well, the only thing that i didn’t like about the game has how some quests seem forced and others seem really bad but the thing that i will always complain about is how easy the game is even on the hardest difficulty as you can kill the final boss in about 2 minutes.

Bad Rats

For my last game i chose to do Bad Rats as this game is considered a steam infection as everyone has the game, the target audience for this game would be children as the game is a simple puzzle game using physics, there wasn’t really any hardware restrictions as it was only developed for PC meaning there is no excuses for anything as things could be toned down to improve frames even though you wouldn’t need it. My personal critique of this game is that its the worst game that i have seen, everything looks horrible, the mechanics of the game are far too easy and the only thing that doesn’t look horrific would be how the game is lay out, as i like how all the objects you need are at the bottom of the screen, but aside from this the game is terrible and the only thing that the game has for its self is that anyone can run it, the game is that bad that its not known as a steam infection as everyone has it because of its low prices during the sales.header1


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