LudumDare 38

This LudumDare me and a couple of people decided to take part making a game, this involved us staying up till around 3 the first night waiting for the theme and deciding on what type of game we wanted to do for the theme Small World. The following morning we all got together at around 10 to start the game, this is where we talked about how the character was going to move, how they were going to hit etc. For the most part, the first day was just to get the basics of coding like the movement was done and quite a bit of art including characters and levels.Wordpress.png

On the second day of LudumDare we did most of the animations the Player and enemy’s this took the better part of the day but for the most part they look decent apart from the archer which looks weird, on the coding side things that were done was putting the animations into Unity making the attacks work as well as just testing everything in general. On the third day, we were all just scrambling small things together to get everything sorted.

For this LudumDare, I made the kings minions, the spearman and the archer as well as the UI and a couple of small things like power-ups and if you want to play the game:


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