Art Essay

For this essay we were tasked with choosing a piece of art talking about it and then describing how the art has influenced a game and how it was made possible in the game chosen. For the piece of art i chose “Doge’s Palace” by David Roberts and for the game i chose Assassins Creed Brotherhood but more specifically Venice within the game.

The art piece “Doge’s Palace” was created by using oil paints with a blank canvas, David was inspired to do this art piece after visiting Italy, this painting like his others are of scenic views around the world although the thing that made this different to the rest would be the locations as David would go on to paint detailed lithograph prints of Egypt which he would be better known for. Throughout David Roberts life he was drawn to art starting off with being a house painter at the age of 10 then becoming a painter and designing stage scenery’s before being hired later in life to be a scene painter at the Theatre Royal in Edinburgh where he would take on apprentices and branch into oil paintings where he would become well known and get three of his art pieces accepted into the fine arts institution of Edinburgh which really kicked his career and started to make him money as this is where he would start putting all of his time and energy into painting Egypt and the Near East with oils which also taking in requests of painting other things like “Doge’s Palace” which was sold to Lord Londesborough which would stay at the basilica of St. Peters for many years. When talking about “Doge’s Palace” i would say that it was planed out very well as the shadows have been done beautifully as it shows how heavy everything is within the canvas this is seen with the ships mainly as the smaller ones have smaller shadows within the water where the larger ship has a much larger shadow, although this could just be the size of the ship i don’t believe this is the case as the shadows wouldn’t be that shape with the sail making the shadow much sharper and the shadow would have a different gradient on the sail as more light would pass through. I also like how the painting puts everything in perspective as you really get a sense with how far everything is with the size of the buildings compared to the ships.

The way that this art piece had influenced the game Assassins creed has been how the city of Venice has been made within the game as the buildings in game are identical to the ones shown within the oil painting and then the “tower” shown within the painting hugely resembles the lookout points that you need to visit around the world, within the game the city of Venice is seen as very cluttered with a ton of boats located within the rivers and platforms that you can climb on scattered around the buildings as you can see within the painting as well. The one thing that i believe was inspired the most out of this picture would be how the buildings are positioned next to each other meaning in game you are able to climb from building to building without jumping down from one which fits the play style of the game perfectly, adding onto this all of the houses that are on the outskirts of the city are surrounded with pillars that are built into the buildings which is convenient to the game as it gives a unique way for the player to climb the buildings without doing the same thing each time. Another thing that the designers of the game look to heart when making the game is the whole shape of the city as from the painting you mainly see that the city is almost a square or at least very edgy and rectangular  with the only thing that adds more dimensions being the pillars and the how the top of the buildings are slightly more extended out compared to the base of the building apart from these the only thing that gives the buildings some depth would be the windows which are present on both the game and the painting. For the game i think that threes one thing that they did the exact opposite of what the painting showed at that would be what they made the biggest attraction as in the painting the main attraction is obviously the water as it covers the majority of the picture where as in the game i think they did the exact opposite making sure that its still fairly important but not making it noticeable or something that catches your eye unless you put in the effort of going to the outskirts of the city and looking at how the buildings were made in contrast to the river which is exactly the same as the painting with how the city surrounds the river.






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