Animation project

A while ago we had all been tasked with creating a walk cycle animation that didn’t really have too many restrictions, so when it came to making the animation I looked online to see how industry walk cycles are made and I found out that there made by having a 1 seconds loop with 24 frames of animation which would be imported into the games engine and this animation would be game ready, so I decided to make my animation this way instead of making the character actually move in an empty space.

The way I went around doing this was by making the first and last frame the exact same with the 12th frame being the opposite like in my situation the first and last frame would be the left leg stepping out and then the 12th would be the right leg stepping out with the left being behind. Once I had done these for the legs I went onto the 6th and 18th frame where I would make the legs look like they’re actually stepping and not sliding, the way I did this was by changing the translation of the legs in the Y axis on the frames previously said.

After this I decided to do the arms as on my previous attempts these were the things that took the longest amount of times as when I was saving frames the arms were also being keyframed meaning I had to go through on every keyframe I did and change the arms to the previous frame’s position before I could try and think about where I want it to go, but halfway through this I realised I could select the arms keyframes in the graph editor delete them and then re-save the arms in the positions that I wanted, this for me took a good three times longer than everything else especially with a number of problems there were with saving and positioning with the arms.

The final things that I did for this animation would be just to move the body slightly to make it look better and to make it look more like the character is walking and aside from this the animation was done I just went back over it tweaking small things and trying to make it look better/

Below is the end result of the animation: (High quality render coming with Render-Man). I will also be looping the footage when able.



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