VFX Project Revamped!

Today in Gary’s lesson we were talking about the VFX project and what we wanted to do and I looked back at my previous blog post decided that I didn’t like that idea too much so I wrote down a couple ideas that I liked and I came up with these:

  • Burning Building
  • Lightning Storm-Sky Replacement, Color Correction, Lightning, Etc.
  • Light Saber
  • Scenic View

After looking at these choices I couldn’t decide on which one I fully wanted to do so I decided on doing a couple of them and see which one I liked the most, put i did decide to prioritise the lightning storm and the scenic view as I personally think that these are the best two choices and if I have time I will be doing the lightsaber and burning building. To do these effects I will be using plug-ins in after effects like Red Giants packages and Video Copilots packages.

Packages I will be using for sure are Red Giants trap code suite and Saber from Video Copilot.


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