Animation Project inproved!

After the coding exam, I had some extra time so I decided to redo the walk cycle as I wasn’t too impressed with it. I started off by taking one of the four other attempts of the walk cycle that I had tried to do, once finding a good basis I decide to do the arms fully in the graph editor so they matched the arms and actually look pretty good. Once I had done these I moved onto giving the cycle some life with the body moving up and down giving it a small bobbing motion, I also decided to give the shoulders and hips some more movement as the other walk cycle didn’t have enough of this. The last thing that I did to the animation was the head giving a small bob and making it less robotic.

I then asked Matt on what he thought and he pointed out that I had made the arms and legs the same movement as if the arms were controlling the legs with a string, I then went back to work changing the legs to make them go the opposite way which didn’t take too long but I did also have to change the root rotation and the hip rotation to get it look decent, and this is what I came out as.


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