Coding Exam

For the past couple lessons, we have been doing a coding exam where we were tasked with making a game which was a “stealth” game where the player would have to get to the goal without being shot by the enemy. For the exam, we were given the assets but had to do all of the coding ourselves which ranged in difficulty. Thankfully this was an open book exam meaning we were allowed to bring in some notes to help us along, we also had “24” hours I believe to finish the exam but if finished early you could do other work like portfolios. The main requirements were to layout the code correctly and easy to read, include three enemies and obstacles in the way of the player which all worked and then we had quite a few other ones which I can’t remember. I personally think that the coding exam went quite well for me as all of the code worked and I didn’t come across any major problems aside from not remembering buttons but this wasn’t a requirement and I found a way around it quite easily.



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