High poly project, mattress!

On Friday I finished the coding exam so in the extra time in lesson that I got I decided to try and get the mattress done as this is probably the one thing that I had no idea how to do well, I started the mattress by making a cube adding a done of subdivisions and then beveling the edges. I then moved onto the indents of the mattress which I got by choosing some of the vertexes and then using the poking tool to make them into a face, after that I pulled the face down into the mattress to give it more life but I still didn’t like this so I repeated the process with the selecting vertexes and then poking them and after a bit of smoothing and beveling I got to something that resembled a mattress. Although I don’t really like the model I think that it’ll serve its purpose and won’t be too noticeable if I put a pillow and quilt on the bed to hide most of the model. For the model of the mattress, i was able to unwrap the UV’s fairly easily with advice from Matt.

I’ll be providing screenshots of the model on Tuesday.(Project doesn’t work on Maya 2017)


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