LightSaber Home project.

A couple days ago I decided that I wanted to make something that could be used for more than one thing, so I decided that I was going to make a lightsaber. For this project, i will be making a low poly lightsaber and then ill give it a high poly bake. Once I’m happy with this ill be attempting to make a good texture as personally I think that this is the only way ill be able to get the saber looking good. After the normal maps and textures are done ill be trying to import it into After effects using Element3D at which point I’ll either make the lightsaber look real by adding the actual light beam and by tracking it to someone’s hand while doing some color corrections and effects to make it look natural. The only thing that I believe will be a problem for me would be the texture of the lightsaber as a bad texture can ruin an entire model and project. Things that I’ll need to research for this project would be looking at SubstancePainter for the texturing as it can provide very nice textures with little effort. I will also have to research how awkward parenting a 2d layer to a 3d object is as I may have to just animate the light beam and saber by themselves which will take a bit of time to get looking good.

As of now, I’ve gotten a basic lightsaber model but I’m not too sure if I’ll stick with it.

(Mind the model images were taken before softening the edges but you get the idea




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