Liquid Logo Animation?

Today whilst talking to some friends I decided that I wanted to try something new in After Effects, something that wouldn’t take up all my time but would look cool for a portfolio and could be used for some things. So I decided to do some Logo / Text “animation”, for these I am trying to make it so I could just take out one logo and switch it for another and still have it work without changing too many options although this will probably not be possible without making a ton of pre-composites.

To start off this little side project I started watching a couple text animations on youtube and found one that was showing you how to get the google liquid animation, so I decided that I wanted to do this as my first one. I watched the tutorial 2-3 times to try and remember it all or at least the important bits like what each value did and what I would need to have what effects. I then went on After Effects and tried it out for myself I did end up making the entire thing but I couldn’t exactly remember everything like what I would need to pre-composite and what I would need to make into an inverted luma matte.

A quick rundown of what I did was, to first get the image of what you wanted animating, you would then pre-composite this would make things easier and let you change the logo, you then made a new Comp and added an ellipse shape layer, then you would add a turbulent displace effect on it and change the values until you got something that looked like the image below, once you had this you would go to the first frame and keyframe the scale to 0, then go to where you want the animation to end and set the scale to anything that fills the entire screen (I chose 10 seconds as it’s not too long or too short).Wp 1

You would then make a new Comp add both of the previous comps into it and make the logo an alpha luma matte of the shape layer, and then pre-compose it again. You would then duplicate the new comp and move it forward in the timescale by 6 frames or so, once this had been done make the bottom comp an alpha inverted matte.(This will show you where the particles will start.) Then on the first comp add a simple choker and reduce the settings. Then recompose the whole thing before adding the Shape layer comp into the new comp. and make the new logo comp into an alpha inverted matte and pre-compose again. You then want to make a new comp for the particles, once the comp has been made drag in your most recent comp and make the layer 3d, once this has been done make a new solid and add particular to it and mess around with the setting until you find something good, after this make another solid and again add particular to it  but this time don’t but nearly as many particles and make the air movement higher as these will be the “Dust” particles. You then want to add a CC Vector Blur and Sharpen to the main particle system and then add an adjustment layer to do some color correction. Once again precompose everything and drag in the most recent logo comp and the particle comp but hide the logo comp. Then you want to make a background for the animation and add in your first logo comp to make another pre-comp with the particle comp which will lead you to the final step which is to scale that new pre-comp to, however, you want using keyframes.

Things that I want to change the next time around would be to add a better background and to play around more with Particular and to possibly try and do a similar effect with Form although Form is better for 3D projects as it doesn’t emit particles it has them pre-placed. I have already started to use this project for a team logo of a friend. (less detailed logo but animated smoke background with moving gradient.)


TL: DR ( Hard to understand, sorry couldn’t word it any better.)

Below is the tutorial that I found on the animation.(I suggest naming all of the pre-comps appropriately.)



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