Motion Builder and Brekel

Today in Matt’s lesson we were told to continue with portfolio work, so I and Charlie went to record to record some footage for VFX, for this we recorded Charlie shoot a gun three times at several different angles. We then came back into class and started to edit it putting some mussel flashes and color corrections on it. When Matt came over he asked what we were doing and he told us about Brekel and Motion builder to make a block character animate that we could be shooting. We will be trying to go for something like the training bots off of the hunger games like these.

We plan to do this by taking the animation from Motion builder and importing it onto a block character which we will then tweak so the animations look good. Once this is done we will be taking the character into after effects and messing around with it until we get a look we like, a couple effects we may use are, Curves, Tint, Glow, Etc. The hardest thing in this project will be getting all of the footage looking good and looking the same as there’s more than one person editing meaning we need to communicate on effects and how to color correct each piece of footage, that and we need to learn how to use motion builder to do this but thankfully Matt said he would help us on that side of things(Thank you). Things that we will have to do in College would be the Brekel and Motion Builder as we don’t have the programs and set up to get the programs, we could also be doing a lot of the VFX at college, but some of it  will have to be done at home as we can’t install plugins in college due to the licences. So overall I would guess that were doing all of the animation and basic VFX at college and then we would take copies of the project home and try and make it look better in our own time.


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